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Hello, all... I have been a diabetic patient for quite a few years and I was able to control it by diet and exercise for a long time.  Then I went to the doctor for a checkup and he found that he wasnt' happy with the sugars I have been running.  Now he thinks I should be on this insulin called Lantus and I have a few questions about it.  Is Lantus something that I need to take every night or if I am running a low blood sugar, should I skip taking it?  I am so confused!!  I have read the insert on the Lantus paper that came with  it when I picked it up but it is all technical and confusing.  I think you havae to have a PhD to understand it!  So I am asking if anyone else is on Lantus and if you can help me understand what I am supposed to do with it?  Does it have to be taken at night?  Can I just take the Lantus shot in the morning? Or at lunch time?  Why is it just once a day?


Hello, Guest!  I understand your confusion about the insulin and Lantus that you need to take.  The way Lantus works is that it lasts all day long while giving your body a continuous, steady measure of insulin.  It is usually prescribed at night but it can be taken any time during the day but it has to be the same time every day since it works every 24 hours.  If you take it anytime sooner you may become hypoglycemic so you don't want to risk having too much of it in your system at once.  Pick a time, like 7 pm per day to administer Lantus to avoid low blood sugars. 

Share your experiences with Lantus if you are on this type of insulin.