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Hello all, I'm having a lantus high in the morning. I take 40 units in the am and I'm waking up with a high BG of 9.6. Last night I check my BG after 6pm and I had no food and it was 5.3 and I checked it again in the morning around 6am and it was 9.6. I don't know why I'm getting these hypers especially when I'm not eating for a long period of time. I'm sure I need to work on my diet some and maybe that's what I will have to do. This is all so confusing to me. I need some help. Thanks.


Hi, Lantus is usually taken twice a day. You would take 60 percent of your dose at night before you go to bed and 40 percent when you get up in the morning. I don't know what you daily dose is so I can't tell if your using the 60:40 ratio so I don't know what is going on there. Actually your BG numbers don't look that bad. At this point I would set up an appointment with your diabetes manager and have him/her look at your numbers and your diet and see what they have to say about it. It could be that your Lantus dose needs to be changed. You know that your diet is very important and skipping meals is a 'no no'. You should take in small meals more often and at approximately the same time each day. It's not unusual for fasting blood levels to be a bit high with many diabetics. It sounds like your diet needs some serious revamping not only what your eating, but when your eating and how much. I think once that is taken care of you'll be just fine. Just try to relax and take it one day at a time and you'll get there.