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I am just wondering how doctors know how many insulin units a day is good for a person?  It seems odd that they would nkow what each individual would benefit from.  I am scared to overdose on my insulin bacuase I heard that hypglycemia is bad and I don't want to get it.  Does anyone know about this?  Thank you so much!


Hello, Guest.  It seems that you are concerned about hypoglycemia from taking in too much insulin.  You shouldn't worry about overdosing on insulin that your doctor prescribes you.  They know by how your blood glucose runs at different points of the day as to how many units you need to take in every day.  If you feel like you are going to be hypoglycemic, you need to take your blood sugar reading.  Always have a snack so that you can bring your blood sugar up to normal.  Why do you believe you could overdose on your insulin?  It CAN happen if you take more insulin than your doctor prescribed.  You can also get a hypoglycemic reaction if you don't eat enough carbs for the amount of insulin you took.  It is important also that if you are sick or not keeping food down, you may have low blood sugars.  It is always a good idea to keep close eye on your blood sugar readings when ill.  Being viligiant on watching your blood glucose will keep you from having low blood sugars.  Always have a snack available for those instances of hypoglycemia.

Is there anyone that has any other questions about insulin usage and what to look for when becoming hypoglycemic?  Are there any diabetics that ever had trouble with getting too much insulin and had to call the doctor for it? Why was that occurring?  Because of an illness or not eating enough carbs?