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Hi Yall, I just recently started taking insulin so I'm a newby. Prior to this I had been on oral medication. Oh, by the way I'm type 2. Right now my blood sugar levels are high. My question is how long before eating do I need to take insulin. Oh, I'm taking Lantus. Do I wait 15 minutes, 30 minutes or what. I'm not used to having to do all these things. I'm not really sure how Lantus works. There are so many insulins that do different things. I'm just confused at the moment. Taking insulin is so different from oral meds. I think it's going to take me a while to get the hang of this. Can some help please? Thanks.


Hello, Lantus is a long-acting insulin and it is often taken once a day but some people split their dose and take twice. You can take it in the morning when you get up or you can take before you go to bed. So, it doesn't matter when you eat after taking it. Lantus is basal insulin that keeps blood sugars balanced throughout the day. You might want to talk with your doctor about adding a fast-acting insulin to your meds. Most patients needs this to handle sugar spikes after they eat something. If you are taking a fast acting insulin with your Lantus, you can actually eat within a few minutes if you like.


Some people find that how fast a fast-acting insulin begins to work depends on where they inject it. For example, some people inject in the stomach because they believe it begins to work faster than when they inject their arms, legs or bottom. Depending on the food the person eats, apparently determines where they will inject as well. That's something you might want to play with sometime later. Well, I hope this clears up the Lantus problem. I'm thinking your doctor has you on a fast-acting insulin but you just failed to mention it. Would like to know what other insulin you are taking. Try to relax and go with the flow and before long you'll get used to taking injections and getting the proper dosages and time course. I wish you the best.