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Hello, I've had a number of problems in the past year with mixed insulins (hypurin/porcine). I decided to go on the Dr. Bernstein diet and found that a bit too low in carb for me so I would cheat here and there especially on the weekends. This wasn't working for me because the mixed insulin was taking too long to kick in. Then I learned about problems with mixed animal insulins. I have other medical complications that indicate I shouldn't be taking them. I felt I needed an insulin change and decided to go with lantus. I'm just starting now and I'm using Lantus and Novorapid. I do have some worries though based on what I'm reading on this forum. Seems like there are a number of people that are having difficulty getting to normal BG levels and reporting night hypos and morning hypers. Currently I'm injecting Lantus at 9pm (just once a day). Some people indicate that one injection per day doesn't work. Can anyone share some good thoughts about Lantus with me so I have some idea that I did the right thing. Thanks.



Hello, Lantus can be taken at night or morning or you split the does and take half in the morning and half in the evening. How you take your Lantus dose depends on your normal routine and how well Lantus covers that with one or two half doses. This will very for everyone. Some people exercise heavily every day and others are under great stress. Some diabetics are very much over weight and have insulin resistance. All these things will determine how you take Lantus. Really, the only thing you need to worry about is how ever you dose yourself be consistent every day.


Lantus is not supposed to peak and it should last for 24 hours, however some diabetics find that it trails off far before the 24 hours so they take two dosages to prevent that. This may have to do with different genetics, diet and exercise so it's unique to each person. If with time you find that Lantus isn't working for you, you might consider trying Levemir which is similar, however it does have a bit of a peak and fails off quicker. For some people this works really well. Levemir is best used by most people when you split the dose. Nevertheless, give Lantus a try. It simply has to be a matter of trial and error and that's about it.