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My doctor suggested last week that we move to lantus. We have agreed that I will think about it and come back to him with the decision. I'm trying to collect as much information as possible. The thing is i'm so tired of all those injections, for so many years, that the idea that I can have  1 injection less per day sounds very attractive! As I'll be new to using Lantus I would like to have more knowledge about what lantus exactly is. I currently use NPH. I wonder if the dose is going to change a lot too, and how long it will take to find a good dose.


Lantus is a long-acting human insulin analog called glargine. The biggest diference from the insulin you use now is that its effect last for 24 hours, so yes, 1 injection per day! Other point is that you can inject it anytime of the day regardless of the meal time, as long as you inject it everyday at the same time. About how much time it will take to find the right dose, that's a difficult question to answer, it can vary from weeks to months depending on the individual response to the drug. the way you will change must be absolutely discussed with your doctor, so what i write here it is just to give you an idea: from NPH once a day to glargine they normally covert unit -per-unit (so if a person is used to take 30U NPH he will probably go to 30U glargine), from NPH 2x a day normally they reduce 20% of the daily dosis. But once again: that's just an indication, you should always discuss it with your doctor. Because lantus works more than 24 hours there is no significant peak, and lots of people report less hypos with it. Don't forget that changing insulins is always a challenge with all types of new regimens and insulin you will start. Be patient and especially dont forget to test very frequently your BG to avoid hypos until you find the right dosis.