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So I am wondering when do you take your basal (long acting) Insulin?  I take mine at night before I go to bed.  What does everyone else do?  I was told by my doctor to take it then, but I read on the Internet that you can take it anytime you want to.  So I would like to take it after breakfast, it seems like that is when my blood sugar is a little higher and I can then not have such low blood sugars (60-70) in the morning.  I think this would work out better for me.  Does anyone else have any ideas about how to resolve this dilemma?  I hope that there are other diabetics that take it at other times of the day so you can tell me how it works for you. 


Hello, Guest ... so you are wondering about when would be a good time to take your basal or long-acting insulin?  You have been taking it at bedtime but want to see about taking it more in the late morning?  You can change the time for your insulin to what you see if fit.  You may want to do this adjustment slowly.  You don't want to skip your Lantus at night and wait 12 hours later.  It would interfere with your blood glucose regulation.  It will probably leave you with an elevated blood sugar the next morning.  You can take the insulin about 4 hours later one night then another 4 hours later the next night (this would be into the early morning hours) until you get to, say 10:00 a.m.  Then you can stay consistent with the schedule you chose. 

Has any of our forum readers needed to adjust your basal insulin to a different time to accommodate you?  How did you do it?