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More and more women are having laser vaginal surgery in the UK whether it be to fix a serious problem or for cosmetic reasons. We British women should pay more attention to the way we look and feel down below. We need to start talking about this subject more openly and looking at the options available.

As wonderful as pregnancy and childbirth is, many women experience a loss of muscle tone in the pelvis and loosening of vaginal tissues either from brisk delivery of large babies, prolonged difficult childbirth or carrying a heavy baby.

Mutya Buena in the Big Brother house last month started a conversation with Ulrika and Tina about things she would like to change about her post pregnancy body and confessed that she had thought about having vaginal surgery. Ulrika was all for it and correctly pointed out that women in the USA have been having post pregnancy surgery done on their vagina's for years.

It is believed that as many as 1 in 3* UK women are left with vaginal prolapse and urinary stress incontinence after childbirth. It is often the case that no amount of pelvic toning exercises can cure the problem and the only options are surgery or living with the discomfort.


Have to agree with this comment.  I have talked with thousands of women that have had this surgery or issues associated with prolapse.  Too many of them remain silent because of the nature of these conditions.  The reality is there is help available whether through support groups, surgery, pelvic rehabilitation or simply the knowledge that you are not alone. 

It is unfair for anyone of us to feel dejected or to have the quality of our lives impacted because we are not informed.

Thank you for your post!