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Bearing in mind the modern ideal of female beauty – pretty, ageless face, sizeable breasts and slender body type, which is nowadays created with significant help of pornographic industry, television and internet.

Staying young and tight has become an obsession of modern women of all ages, causing the immense growth in the number of plastic surgeries, as well as the development of „nip and tuck“  industry in every possible way, including previously unexposed female and male genitalia.
It is a well known fact that plastic vaginal surgery used to be a domain of woman with vaginal structural defects or transgender woman, as well as woman who are sex workers, swimming suite models, nude entertainers etc. But nowadays, plastic vaginal surgery is often seen as purely a cosmetic treatment which can make the genital part of the body look much younger and tighter, and of course, more attractive.
This fact is among the strongest arguments of those advocating the benefits of vaginal plastic surgery. On the other hand, the most common reason for women to seek cosmetic treatment of their vagina, a negative comment coming from their partners, can be put on the cons portion of the list. Feeling undesirable and left behind by their partner after having one or more babies for example, woman often come to the surgeon with a lot of pornographic material, hoping that surgery will bring the passion back to their relationship, risking that she will be seen almost solely as a sexual object.
One of the most common techniques used by woman nowadays is laser surgery of the vagina, which tightens the vaginal muscles, enhancing its muscle strength and control, giving it more youthful feel. Woman who are afraid or aging, or who want to continue looking attractive to their partners in the genital area (as well as in all other ones) even after childbirths, often opt for Laser Reduction Labioplasty, which fixes the unequal or elongated labia. For those who are willing to enhance their vaginas, there is another kind of cosmetic surgery available - augmentation Labioplasty.
G-spot amplification and hymenoplasty are also very common among woman nowadays as well as a cosmetic surgery called  ’vaginal rejuvenation’, mostly because it is believed to increase sexual pleasure for both partners, along with giving vagina more fresh feel. Some of the most popular clinics worldwide  where woman can get her vagina ’fixed’  are Courthouse Clinics in the UK, NOVA Surgicenter in California, The Allan Centre in Canada etc.
To cut the long story short, while some would say that these measures improve womans self- esteem, represent a solution to some aesthetic and aging problems and a way out of anxiety and depression, others would argue that a pure cosmetic vaginal surgery is just a submission to the modern standards and sign of immaturity and insecurity. On the other hand, while there are many improvements when it comes to aesthetics, it is still unclear if these kinds of surgeries have any positive effect on reducing the feeling of psychological distress or if they make sexual functioning better in any way.