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My boyfriend and I had sex late december 2012. We noticed that the condom broke so we bought emergency pill as soon as possible. Probably less than 3 hours after sexual intercourse.

So I had my menstruation at my normal expected date. I was expecting my cycle to arrive last month but it didn't arrive. Can you share some Ideas why is this happening?

Can the emergency pill delay or ruin your cycle? I am so nervous. I am stressed both from work and this. Please I need help.

We already took 3 test on different dates and all came back negative.


Hi Curiousity,

Yes, emergency contraceptives CAN and often do delay your period, or make it irregular. 

The home tests, if you are following directions and using your first morning urine (wakeup) should be accurate. 

Stress won't help either.  When did you expect your last period?  How many did you miss?




Our first try, we tested on the afternoon and it came back negative. A friend of ours mentioned that morning urine has the best result because of the concentration, so Try-2 and Try-3 both from morning urine.
I realize that is just 1 month delayed and counting. Again we had sex on december, then her period came in december(expected date of period). Next period should have been february, but nothing yet.