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My story...

The weekend after Thanksgiving me and my bf went to a party and ended up having sex, it was protected might I add, BUT later we decided to mess around. Didn't use a condom that time. I know that you can get pregnant from precum ONLY if it contains sperm.
My last period started Nov 17th (not exact but close to it) and I normally get a visit from aunt flow at the beginning of the week. I have been off bc since March too. Anyways my symptoms aren't many, but I have been extremely tired lately, and Mon the 15th I woke up with a pain that I assumed was a menstral cramp. Well, it wasn't and it would get worse when I would push my body to do work, and then last night it was paired with severe cramps and now they have went away all together. Odd I know! I have had an increased appetite and my body temp has been hanging in the 99's. Not to mention the lower back pain sucks.
I took a pregnancy test and it was a big ole negative! What could this possibly be...someone shed some light on my issue for me please. Or if anyone has had this happen to them share your story and if you ended up pregnant or not?

Not to mention I called my ob/gyn and talked to her nurse and she told me it sounded like I was pregnant, but to wait till Friday and take another test!


similar story for me except unprotected sex i have been having with my partner.

I hope someone can help because i am realy confused.

I was on the Depo Injection for one injection lasting 3 months which ran out late october. Me and my partner have been having unprotected sex since.

I did suffer with really bad periods before sometimes so bad i cant move from bed and have to take time away from work.

I still have not had a period since i came off depo, although i have had spotting which lasted a few days 3 at the most, which ranged from brown to red but never enough to fill a towel or tampon (sorry to much info). My doctor thinks this is my period but i tried to explain to him what my periods were like before really heavy and painful, and lasting 5 days + with sanitation lasting me 2 hours at most sometimes.

Last couple of days now i have been feeling really sick, but only actually vomited a few times, my belly is quite swollen and feels like its stretching, (only way i can describe it is like growing pains when i was younger). I have been really light headed sometimes vision is dissappearing for some seconds. Headaches i have had but i do get them quite often anyway.

The bloating and the no periods are what are troubling me most aswell as the feeling sick. I have done a urine test at home 4 to be precise. 2 expensive ones which both failed to show anything in the control windows, so were a waste of money, plus 2 cheaper brand one saying negative other no control line.

Can anyone advise me on what to do next i'm really stuck as my doctor doesn't seem to wanna know with me coming off Depo.


Stressed 1288 let me know if you find out anything hun


Thanks! Yeah like I said I called my doctor this morning saying the pain went away, well boy was I wrong! I got up and started moving around and it is back x2...
I'm getting pretty concerned with this now?

Has anyone had lower left abdominal (right where you underwear hit) pain that is constant and hurts more when you move yourself around?


That doesn't sound too good hun i would seek medical advice


Please can I get stories!

These really aren't new symptoms but I have had a lot of gas and constipation (embarrassing) and my stomach is bloated and I can't get any of it to go away!