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Okay, so I lost my virginity to my boyfriend of two years, October 31st. We literally only had sex for about 4 minutes tops, it was unprotected. He didn't cum, and he also said there was no precum(which btw, he tends to take a reallly long time to cum, so I believe him) he did pee before and after we did it, as well as me. Since then we haven't had sex.
I had my last period on the 25th of October and I usually have a regular 28 day cycle. I was supposed to get my period 22nd of this month >.< it's the 26th and still nothing. I got UTI, but I get it alot so it's nothing new to me.

Otherwise then the missed period I don't have any pregnancy symptoms. I'm so confused & stressed out, which could also be the cause of my delayed period. I've also heard losing your virginity can throw off your period. -_- HELP ?! ?


*oh and when i lost my virginity it was the day after my period had ended.