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Hi there,
I've begun to get worried about being pregnant, and want to see what some other people's experiences are, so I'll give you the details.
I had unprotected sex August 15th, I was on bc, but don't take it regularily, and was on antibiotics that make it completely ineffective.
The following Saturday(Aug 21), I thought I got my period, however it turned out to be a lot more of "spotting", I usually have a regular-heavy flow, and this wouldn't even fill a tampon a day, and was more brownish.
Since then I've had some cramping, nausea(with minor vomitting), headaches/dizziness, metallic taste in mouth, bloating, ridiculously tired, and food cravings.
I have taken a home pregnancy test (not in the morning though), and it came back negative, but it has now been a month since a sign of blood, and I still haven't gotten a period, I usually get it on schedule, but don't keep track of it, and don't know about my "cycle/ovulation".
I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what it could be, or if I should wait & test again later, or get a blood test?


Hello Katy.

My Best friend Jesse had the same problem. And The small bleeding your talking abt is Implatation Bleeding, thats when the egg attaches to the uturaus, SO YES U COULD BE PREGGO! I would suggest going and getting another at home test and do it first thing in the morning. And keep taking them every morning.. And When U get to say like say 5-7 n its still a NOT PREGGO.. Go to ure doc and demand a Blood test. BC some womens hormomes arent strong enough from the home test! SO if u r CONGRATS.. I wish I could be. :[