:-( I have a regular cycle but I'm not sure what's going on. Back in October I was messing around with my boyfriend but I was wearing leggings, underwear, and I was also wearing a tampon because it was the last day of my period and he had on only shorts. He told me that nothing happened, and that he didn't cum. I'm fairly positive that I can't get pregnant this way and I also had my period normally in November. But I ovulated later in my cycle this time; it happened a week before a I was expecting my period and I haven't gotten it yet. I was suppose to have my period somewhere from the 7th-10th of December and it's the 12th and all I have is thick cm. My cervix is low, firm, and open, but still nothing. I've been stressed because of a lot of things and I know stress can push back a period, so is it safe to say that I'm not pregnant and that I haven't gotten anything yet due to my stress? Or maybe because I ovulated late, I'm going to get my period later? I've asked around and everyone who has given me an answer has said that I'm 100% not pregnant, but I would like some more advice. Thank you for your time.