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I discoverd a painful lump behind my left ear the pain subsided. But then I started to get really bad neck pain, the lump remains but I now have pain inside the ear.. I went to the hospital 6 days later and they believe that it could be my lymth no and with a check inside the ear said that my ear drum was being comprest and swollen but not red. So the doctor told me to take Advil sinus with pseudoephedrine.. I was to be feeling better in two days but I'm not, now my right ear hurts with no lump and I feel my throat hurts a lot especially on the right side even to chew. Please give me a hint.



Unfortunately you will probably need to see your doctor again. It is impossible that you are not feeling better after diagnosed and treated unless if you are maybe getting sick. Since your throat started to be sore maybe you are getting flu and flu symptoms are similar to these ones.

Anyhow, you need to get to the bottom of this because it isn’t pleasant to experience the pain you are feeling right now and taking therapy which is not helping you.

Keep us posted about your condition and I hope that you will feel better soon.