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I just started noticing this lump today. It may be because I got a new headset yesterday. I've never had my ear pierced.

I'm 16, white, and I've had no problems with my ears until now.

There's no discoloration, and there's no openings. I think it started inside the earlobe.

Any idea what it could be/what it is?


Hello there,

There is no need to panic! It is probably just enlarged lymph node and this happens due various infections which your body is probably fighting. I usually get lump behind my ear when I feel like I am going to get sick. So if you are experiencing any other symptoms such as light fever, sore throat or headaches than your body is fighting against the cold and this enlarged lymph node (bump) is just a sign of that fight.

If you don’t get better in a few days talk to your parents and go see your doctor because it could be an ear infection as well and this is usually treated with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.