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I have had a lump behind my right ear for sometime. It only is painful when it is touched, but when it is touched it makes me lightheaded and nauseated. I have recently been undergoing testing for chest pain and shortness of breath. I am always tired and just not feeling well all the time. Could this all be related?



 You might be having some difficulties with your blood pressure. The lump behind the ear is telling me that you might be having some sort of an infection because this lump can be enlarged lymph node. Lymph nodes tend to get enlarged when your body is under some sort of an infection. Do you feel any pain in the ear? Problems in the chest might indicate that you have some respiratory infection but this has to be tested at the hospital. How long have you been having this problem with the chest and with the lump behind your ear? Have you been using any kind of medication during this period of pain in chest?