I'm a 19 year old Caucasian male. I’m 6’4” (194cm) and about 170 pounds (77kg), so I’m below average in weight for my height. I’d consider myself average in terms of athleticism at best. My diet is probably below average, though I do try to take multivitamins, cod-liver oil, vitamin C and vitamin D. There’s no history of anyone in my family having any sort of heart problems that I remember, nor do I have any history of having problems.

Mid-day yesterday I started getting some pains in the upper-left area of my chest. There was also some pain in the shoulder blade and the region between my neck and shoulder. If I sit or lie down (on my left side or back) in a certain way, I will hear and feel a sort of clicking sound in my rib area corresponding to my heartbeat, it also happens if I breathe in deeply in these positions. I was getting what I think are palpitations, where I was aware of my heartbeat, and my heart rate went up. Though, I think I’ve got those before, most likely as a result of my very poor sleep schedule and dependency on coffee…. If I lie down on my right side, the discomfort is leaves. From what I’ve read so far, my best guess as to what this is, is ‘costochondritis’. I read ibubrophen can help with this, so I took one pill last night. I might have an idea as to what would set it off. The night before I started getting these problems; I dropped some clothes on the floor and wanted to shake them out, so with my arms extended I kind of whipped them outward, repeatedly. Perhaps I damaged something in this way? Also, I don’t seem to have an appetite, and find it a bit hard to eat as I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach, and sometimes gas (burping). My guess is that it might be a result of anxiety? I have a tendency to assume the worst when something is wrong… but knowing that I didn’t want to go check with a doctor immediately. I had a difficult time falling asleep because I was worried if this may be something serious.

Thank you in advance for any advice or help.