Hello -

I will try to make this as short as possible.

I am a fifteen year old female. About three days ago, I noticed a pain in my right calf which hurt more when I straightened my leg and tilted my foot upwards. It was never too severe and am not sure if it is related to my current issue, just thought it would be good to mention.


Earlier today, I noticed a sudden tightening and pain in my right shoulder and neck area. I thought I may have pulled a muscle somehow. About an hour ago, I suddenly began experiencing pain when breathing in - localised to my left shoulder and neck. It is very sharp and bordering on unbearable, so I’m only taking small, shallow breaths. It also seems to be radiating to my chest somewhat, and I woke up with the need to cough this morning. 


I also have have a history of severe asthma.


Thank you. I’d be interested to see if anyone had experienced anything similar or if anyone has any ideas as to what it could be or if it is serious.