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I’m 28 year old male, slim, no prior serious medical problems.

The symptoms below have been observed for 1.5 years with no significant changes from the very beginning. I suspect they could have a common cause. The list is below starting from the most irritating:

1. Pain in left lower abdomen. Pain description:
• Pain is almost constant, not strong, but very unpleasant. Especially it bothers when I’m trying to fall asleep. There is no pain in the first minutes after waking up in the morning (I couldn’t fall asleep during the day a single time since the symptoms appeared).
• The pain goes away for 10-20 minutes after long intense exercising.
• Alcohol (1 can of beer) helps to get rid of the pain completely for 1-2 hours.
• Antibiotics reduce the pain significantly but only while I’m taking them. The pain returns 2-3 after stopping taking antibiotics.
• The pain is pretty well localized by deep palpation – 10 cm to the left and 5 cm down from the belly button. Pain area is 5 cm in diameter. This is also the spot where I can palpate my psoas minor muscle as tight thin cord. After palpating I have unpleasant sensation similar to a hit in the abdomen for some time. No similar sensations when I palpate in the same place on the right side.
• The pain increases when gas/excrements move along the colon.
• When the pain intensifies I can also feel it in the area of the left kidney (under the ribcage on the left side).
• Stool is normal.
• Urination is normal (including frequency).
• Body turns, leaning doesn’t change the pain intensity. Body position (standing up, sitting, laying on the back, either side) doesn’t seem to affect the pain intensity.

2. I noted that some thoughts (to be more precise the rapid change of the topic I’m thinking about – e.g. recollection an upcoming event, changing the focus of attention to another object) cause strange unpleasant sensation in the heart area – as if I’m lacking oxygen, weak dull pain covering large area (it’s difficult to describe, but that’s as good as I can do). It starts off and passes away quickly. This sort of pain is periodic – one week I may have it, the other I may not.

3. Itching (burning sensation) in the right heel. Usually it happens before falling asleep. Feels like week electric current passing, tingling.

I’ve gone through several diagnostic procedures and visited gastroenterologist and urologist:
1. Colonoscopy showed ideal state of the colon (large bowel)
2. Ultrasound shows increased left kidney base (25 mm).
3. Intravenous pyelogram doesn’t reveal any anomalies. Ureters are not visible on the images
4. CT with contrasting also revealed the increased size of the left kidney base. No other anomalies discovered.
5. No venereal diseases found
6. No diagnosis was given.

Additional info: Nutrition is well balanced. For 2 months tried vegetarian diet with no changes in the symptoms noticed. The type and quantity of the food doesn’t have significant impact on the symptoms.

I will appreciate any suggestions on what could be the reason of the above symptoms and further diagnostics.


Your story sounds exactly like what I have been going through for 13 months. Can I ask if there has been any updates to your story? My doctor is still trying to figure out what is wrong with me. My pain is constant, on the lower left abdomen. I have also done a colonoscopy, laproscopy, as well as underwent a nerve block injection at the pain clinic. Right now I am waiting to see a urologist.

I would love to hear from you.