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Hello everyone,

I've never posted anything like this online or talked with anyone about it. I've read several things about how I feel and I can see that several people other than myself have this problem. I am sick of looking through others problems though and decided once and for all to see what everyone else thinks of Mine... I also have a Dr. apt in about 2 weeks as that is the soonest they can get me in. Here is my problem:


Since around July of 2012 maybe even soon I have been experiencing this chest tightness that doesn't seem to fade away. I can pinpoint this pain/discomfort with a single finger to RIGHT below/behind my sternum. The only time it feels any better is if I take in a DEEP breath and hold it; the pain goes away from THAT short time then slowly comes back as i let out my breath. Another way the discomfort somewhat resides is if i stretch my shoulder/pectoral muscles by having one arm against a wall and turn away from it stretch out my chest/shoulders; this seems to have the same effect and it always come back. RECENTLY I've had the worst nights of sleep (maybe for a month or 2) where i sometimes wake up and I felt like i couldn't catch my breath as if I was still in a dream and was CHOKING. i try as hard as i can to breath and feel as if my heart is going to blow up and then BOOM i catch that breath and feel fine but struggle to fall back asleep.

I am 24 years old, I played football in college, i am a all-american in the sport as well as a national champion. This is not about my level of exercise as i continue to run, lift, and stretch/do yoga. Sometimes doing these things makes me feel better until night time when it all sort of comes back. This sh*t scares me and i DONT think it is my heart but what else could it be? I do drink 1 cup of coffee as i wake up. i eat on a normal basis 3 decent meals a day with a small snack 2-3 times through out the day. I have classes and stress from those classes as well. I have read that it could be heart burn and tried out Tums for a while and that made me feel better but then it usually has a side effect of coming back stronger? I don't know i stopped taking those ha... I will say that I have been prescribed Adderall for about 3 years now and never abuse the drug and take only the recommended dosages.. if not half the dose (break pill in half).  Has anyone found out what is going on or have any ideas on how to help me out? I am 24 years old and active fit young man with old person problems and am truly worried about DYING. Maybe that is my problem; stressing that this thing will kill me lol... but on a serious note I would appreciate any type of advice anyone out there could give me and give my future thank yous to those that answer.  


And sorry for the length of what I wrote, just wanted to get out some details that people might ask and the neccesary details that might help in some information/help thanks for any replies