Hi everyone.

All my issues started back in December of 2011.

I started to get this pinching pain in my left arm one day while sitting at home playing with my then 11 month old daughter. I noticed that as time went on, the pinching in my arm turned to a numbness that was irrating and worrisome. As the time went on, I started to get jaw pains, pains between my shoulder blades, pains in the back of my neck and head. My legs were feeling heavy and my body ached. The pains in my chest were getting heavier and heavier and then I got a slight permanent nagging pains right above my left breast. The next day, the pain was much worse and I decided to get up and go to the ER. Once there, they ran an EKG and did blood work, only to come back and tell me that I was fine, not having a heart attack. That it was probably just gas build up and they sent me home. At first that made me feel better, however now it’s February of 2013 and I keep having these reoccurring episodes and it’s like they tend to get worse and worse. I’ve been to the ER 8 times for this plus been to my primary doctor however no one ever finds anything.

I’ve now seen a GI doc who took out my gallbladder and diagnosed me with GERD. I’ve been a heart doc and I’ve passed all the test but now waiting results on an echocardiogram. The pains get worse and scare me. There is nothing like constantly sitting around thinking that you are having a heart attack and no one listening or taking you seriously. Has anyone else had any problems like mine? If so what were you diagnosed with? I’ll list some of my many symptoms I get: 1. arm numbness, mainly in the left

chest painspains between the shoulder bladesneck painsjaw painstingling in fingerstired legshead achesneck painsnumbness in fingers sometimesburping sometimes