ok. I will start my story from the beginning. One day I decided to stay overnight at a LAN party (a place where everybody brings their computers to play games together). And I went when I had a sore throat, and lost my voice. I then purchased and drank 2 Nos energy drinks over 3 hours time ( I never drink them either..). While I was using "halls" to help stop the pain of my throat. When it got late I decided to play a little basketball. I believe that I played too hard and instantly ran out of breath with my heart pounding extremely hard, of which it took me 2 minutes to recover. I did at that time go home at around 5am. When I got home I mistakenly took a whole tablespoon of cough syrup. At that point I was ready to go to bed. When I tried to go to sleep, my mind started violently racing, felt like I was a race horse. So then I wondered if my heart would stop when I go to sleep. That basically caused me to leap out of bed and sit on the couch. I had just experienced my first panic attack at that time. All I would hear is my heart pounding, with the fear that my heart might stop if I sleep. I then went to the clinic, and they gave me and EKG without any problems seen. After that experience I continued to have chest pain for weeks to the point that I had to use aspirin to relieve the pain. After that I have recieved chest pain in the left chest and arm. Symptoms include burning, pressure, and stinging pain. I have also felt a burning sensation on my arms. Although today I have felt pain on a new level at which it feels like my heart or chest is randomly flexing (slow or fast) to the point that I can't feel my heartbeat properly.

age 16
Weight 240lbs
6' height
No medical history
No family history of cardiovascular problems.
alergic to sulfer
excersise regularly
never drank or smoked
never eat fast food or pop.
regular blood-sugar and blood pressure.
European diet. Pasta etc.

Please if you have any awnsers that would be greatly appreciated!
Nico Verralli