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I am a 35 yr old female, no kids, non smoker, exercise regularly and eat healthfully. Despite my healthy lifestyle, I have been plagued with leg swelling since I am 22 yrs old. Hot weather, any drink of alcohol (I am not kidding, even a sip will suffice), PMS and sometimes for no reason, both of my legs swell - hips to feet - that my usually shapely legs are barely recongizable. My thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet are all affected. The swelling is so great that my skin actually hurts and feels tight. There is no red mark or area of soreness when this occurs. The swelling is so great that although I love tropical places, I will not go there on vacation because my legs would swell too much and I would not be comfortable. I have had blood and heart tests with negative results except for a AV Block 1st degree, which I am told could not be the cause. My doctor prescribed me water pills but they are so strong I become dehydrated and seem to swell even more! I do not stand on my feet all day, have no varicose veins. I will see a vascular doctor after the holidays. Any one there experience this? I am very health otherwise - 100/68 blood pressure, not overweight, etc.


Matty's Mom,

I had that trouble when I was younger. My legs would swell so tight that I would bounce when I walked. Diuretics don't work for it. Mine was caused by carbohydrate sensitivity. Cut back on your carbs and see if that does not help you. After I hit menopause, I don't have it any more. Now, I have the kind of swelling that you get with water retention that diuretics take care of. It is not a tight kind of swelling. It is more of a mushy kind of swelling.

Good luck