11 years ago I discovered I had IPMN or the main duct. Found on CT that was ordered for something else. Caught before there was any development of cancer. Had a traditional whipple, not pylorus sparing. For eight years had trouble with weight ( I'm very thin to start with) took small dose of creon and I decided to take insulin 1 unit novolg for every twenty grams of carbohydrate if I was having a meal. Physicians didn't pick up but I notices that I would have brief periods of hyperglycemia without. Kept blood glucose in the normal range. In 2015, routine follow up scan showed the remaining duct was developing IPMN and I had a total pancreatectomy -I was so happy for someone to ask about living without a pancreas ( and not a cancer patient). Weight is great, no problem with diet, total insulin is 10 units lantus and about 13-18 units a day of novolog. Usually 1 unit for every ten grams of carbohydrate. A1c is 5.8 which (< 6 is normal). Takes more thinking , continuous glucose monitor helps. More people know now about IPMN that 12 years ago but not too many know how to live with a whipple or pancreatectomy. It can be done and quality of life isn't changed too much