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Hello everyone, I had diabetes type 2 for over a year now and I'm still experimenting with my diet. I have tried to avoid spaghetti but I really love the stuff so I have some every once in a while. As I'm testing my BG more often now I noticed that spaghetti spikes glucose after 3 hours or even more. I try to keep my proportions relativity small but I must admit I do go overboard. Why does spaghetti spike BG levels so long after you've eaten it? How does that work exactly? I thought pasta was okay for diabetics but a late spike like that doesn't seem good. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, For some diabetics, they demonstrate no increases in BG levels after one or two hours however after 5 hours show incredible spikes when they have eaten spaghetti (pasta). Some pastas have very slow digestion and absorption rates. Pastas that have approximately 40 grams of carbs in just one cub of cooked pasta will really increase your blood sugar levels hours later. And if you eat a large portion it could sky rocket. Consider that 1 carb will increase your BG by about 5 points. So, if you take in 1 cup of pasta (cooked) that will increase your BG levels by around 200 points. But, you have to consider that 1 cup of pasta is often a side dish because if you have it as a main dish you looking at 2 to 3 cups. Oh my goodness! That's just not doable. If you have to have pasta keep it as a side dish and enjoy and don't have it often. The other thing you might consider is exercising 3 to 7 hours after you have pasta if you can manage that otherwise you'll need to adjust your insulin somehow. I hope this was somewhat useful. I stay away from pasta most of the time. I like spaghetti squash and use that as a substitute for pasta quite often.