I'm 2 weeks after crush injury from horse on right foot. Saw two Ortho surgeons both recommending surgery, and also went to a Asian lady foot doctor who recommended Non-surgical treatment. I'm going with my lady doctor because I'm terrified of the foot surgery and my heart & gut are so against it. This forum is first I've found on non-surgical Lisfranc recovery, and not that much encouraging than all the sites that say surgery is the only way. I have to be NWB for 2 months (6 more weeks to go); cold bucket soaks 1st week, now warm Epsom salts soaks. Have original splint from ER with lots of wraps to support & protect (but I can remove to soak and to bathe, so glad no cast!) No pain but still so much swelling, especially when not elevated for hours. I'm mobile with a knee scooter, and an IWalk 2.0 (crutches not for me, hate them!) I go crazy sitting in chair too long, have cried a lot of tears, so frustrating that I can't take care of my house & horses. But all docs say no weight bearing for at least 8 weeks (with or without surgery), I'll abide and hoping my non-surgical route is not going to just prolong ordeal. I'll keep you posted..