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I was diagnosed with a lisfranc injury yesterday after falling over yesterday morning. The doctors are recommending surgery, only problem is I'm 12 weeks pregnant and have been told there are risks to the baby if I have the surgery because of the anesthetic. What do I do? I don't want to harm my baby or potentially lose him or her. They are telling me horrible things could happen if I don't have it, has anyone had this injury and NOT had surgery? Please I need advice ASAP. Thanks.


I suffered a Lisfranc injury on 7/23/11 when I was 12 weeks pregnant too! With the advice of two foot & ankle specialists and my OB, I had the surgery at 13 weeks. The anesthesiologist gave me a partial ankle block only. I have two screws to repair my foot. I went back to my OB this week at 16 weeks, and every thing looks OK with the baby. However, I think I now have a tooth infection that may require a root canal. I am so worried about this procedure in combination with my healing foot and the pregnancy. I've never had a root canal before, and don't have complete trust of the endodontist. Did you go ahead with the surgery to repair your lisfranc?

With regards to my lisfranc recovery, it's been a drag... I have a two year old to watch, had to cut back my work schedule & can't drive because it was my right foot. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, but it think it's going to be a long haul. I had to cancel my summer vacation at the advice of the doctor (combo of surgery, cast, pregnancy & flying equaled too many risk factors for blood clots). But I did rent a knee scooter to get around, which beats crutches. And I bought a drypro bag for my leg to go swimming. Also, if hopscotch ever becomes an Olympic sport, watch out!!! My training has begun.

Hang in there! You're not alone!