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This post is an extension of the Lisfranc Foot Fracture Stories thread. That one is being closed due to having too many posts.

Please continue posting within this thread.


Hi everyone! Guess I'll be the first to post on the new thread. I went to the doc on the 16th and he gave me some great news. He said my foot was doing better than he had expected... all the bones are staying in place and he was so pleased (so was I). He took me off the crutches but I have to wear the boot when I walk. And he also released me to drive finally!!! He said the screws had to stay in for atleast 3 more months but I cant deal with that. Atleast I have part of my life back. I am still taking it easy with the walking.. seeing how I'm not "Supermom" anymore. Plus I dont want to do anything to re-injure this foot. Just to have my hands and arms back is a blessing. And my hubby is happy too.. he doesnt have to do it all anymore and I am glad!
Anyhow I just thought I would update you all on my recovery. I hope you all are doing great with yours.



It's been some time since I've posted.... I am still amazed at all the new comers.... geez, hate to hear about all the new lisfranc injuries. It's so odd how each can be so different but then so much alike. Id like to hear from those who have had the foot fused. I had my first surgery April 06,then had the screws removed Dec 06. Fast forward to now, still having pain due to arthritus, so my Dr. is suggesting fusion. I found out that is involves scaping away the joint & places screws back in, to allow the bones to fuse together. Dr said that he might hurt worse than the very first surgery, which for me, was AWLFUL!! He did also add that I would have much less pain. Another down fall is 6-8 weeks no walking. So, again, Id like to hear from those out there who have done this & what was your outcome? Is it worth it? Im only 37... I was pretty active before this injury.... I just want to live with less pain? Any advice I really apreciate!



I have been in your shoes.....

I had a lisfranc repair that later had too much pain from arthritus as well as the bones did not quite set in the right place. So one year later I had the fusion done and just like the procedure your doctor is mentioning. As for the pain, I personally thought the fusion was less over all pain than the first procedure. Now that could be because the first time you do any injury seems to hurt....

It has now been one year since my fusion and I am so glad I had it done. I am only 42 now and I will have a better qualitly of life with this foot than one that always hurt from arthitus. There will be an adjustment period with the fused foot when you start walking on it, but that only lasts a few weeks.

If there is any other questions you have on fusion let me know....



Thanks for much for your reponse... I needed to hear that, I'm getting a little nervous about the upcoming surgery, but I really beleive my Dr & that this WILL help me!

My sugery is dated Feb 5th... I'll try to update afterwards. Although I do expect a long recovery, or at least 6-8 weeks on walking.

Take care too!


Hi. I recently sustained a lisfranc fracture after a fall during work. I had surgery last week and will be non weight bearing for 5 more weeks, then I get my walking cast. Any advice for the tightness in my lower back since I am comfined to this recliner????

SKH, I was very nervous about my surgery and everything went without a hitch. My doc sent me home with a Stryker pump that provided a drip of anesthesia to my foot for 2 and a half days post surgery. It was great. Ask your doc if he uses them.


Hello and Happy healing Year!
I am glad to know most of you are getting better.
I started weight bearing four weeks ago and wonder whether your few free steps came easily...or not.
Foot still does not bend I and cannot avoid swinging very penguin-like, which makes my surgeon laugh at every time.
Did/do you experience the same troubles when getting back on your feet, i.e. learning to walk again?
Any suggestions?
I have one, which is water therapy: water gets you to do easily what you are not allowed to do on ground (running, jumping), biulding foot muscles faster than traditional one.

for MRC lower back: do simple exercises with your legs in the air (cycling, circles, up and down) and try to lie with your back straight, at 90° degrees. You will use an additional pillow for the injured foot. Good luck!
I fell at work too...



Accident resulting in Lisfranc injury on 1/13/08. Originally diagnosed as day, id'ed as lisfranc by CT. Surgery on 1/17...1 screw. Soft cast for 2 weeks and now in boot and crutches for at least 6 more. Not sure if screw will come out.

Trying to track calories using Looking for any exercise tips to maintain conditioning.



Back in November ('07), I fell down 3-4 stairs while carrying my 2 year old. When all was said and done, I was released from the ER with 4 broken bones in my foot, and during the follow-up with the orthopod, he said my injury was "lisfranc-ish."

I should add that I was 23 weeks pregnant at the time, so we had to be conservative with films (x-ray, CT, etc.). They decided NOT to perform ORIF, but I don't know if this was related to my pregnancy or to the fact that the fractures were severely comminuted (bones were "rice").

I was in a cam walker for 6 weeks, then a post-op shoe, and the bones themselves have apparently healed nicely. However, at my last appointment (Monday), the orthopod referred me to his surgical colleague because of what he believes is unacceptable diastasis (~3 mm). He believes she will recommend joint fusion.

I am now 36 weeks pregnant, so we will obviously delay any treatment until after I deliver. However, I have so many questions, and have really run into a brick wall trying to find the answers.

What is involved in joint fusion? How long can I delay the procedure withouth incurring repercussions (I don't exactly want to have surgery with a newborn and two small children at home)? Does this surgery involve a hospital stay? Has anybody done this with three tiny little kids? Did you have to hire a full time nurse?

I have so many more questions that this, but I guess it's a start. If anybody has any insights or information, I would be extremely appreciative!!


the best conditioning you're going to get is your crutches. penn state is a huge campus on a hill and i refused to take the bus anywhere. even little things when you go to the store, don't get dropped off in front, crutch there! i was worried about the same thing because i'm usually really active but i ended up losing 5 pounds. i wish crutch racing was a sport because i'd win! lol.

i go to the doctors tomorrow to schedule my screw removal surgery! CANT WAIT!


Thanks for tips on crutching. Good luck with the hardware removal. I've managed to lose a few pounds but mostly muscle. Has it been hard to get leg of injured foot back into shape?



Oh dear do I feel for you...I don't think I could've gone through this injury being pregnant...

To make a long story short, my injury was 9/11/07..I had 4 screws put in, had them out on 12/27. I'm in my 5th week of phys. therapy and still have pain when I walk as "normal" as I can remember.

I do have 3 kids at home, (8, 6, and 20 months) and when this happened my husband was at the police there.

Without my mother at my home to help, I would've had to hire someone to take care of my kids. The hardest part was trying to carry food or drinks from the kitchen to the table...once I figured out it would be easier w/2 hands, I got a rolling chair and just scooted around the house.

I'm still not sure if my injury was worse than the usual lisfranc, but I cannot believe it has....and still is taking this long. Try not to get takes a lot of time. I'm sending some prayers your way! :-D


OH, thank you for your response! Yes, yes, and yes! When I realized I couldn't even carry a glass of water to the couch with crutches, I got a little wheelchair for around the house. It was the best decision I ever made.

My husband and I are orphaned in the midwest, so my mom came out for several weeks to help. My husband tried to play Mom AND Dad, but he works really long hours, too, so he just couldn't do it all. She has had to come back now due to some pre-term complications, as well as this new development regarding my possibly having to undergo joint fusion.

I just can't imagine going back to square 1 (or square -1) with the cam boot and being totally incapacitated...especially with a newborn.

Thanks for your prayers! Glad to hear someone else is weathering this injury under similar circumstances. :)


Hi, It's been an education reading all the posts here. I thought I'd share my experience because I never tired of reading others and sometimes a bit of info was very helpful.

I'm a 56 yr. old guy. Short story, missed a step and fell Feb. 1, rt. foot bent back too far, heard a snap, went to emergency room for the metatarsal breaks diagnosis. 2nd and 3rd clean off at the joint, fracture in the 1st. That was a Friday and thank goodness early AM so that when home from the emergency room at round 1PM I got on the phone and called the best orthopedic practice in the Philadelphia region and they got me an apt. for Monday. On Monday the foot specialist there insisted I needed surgery ASAP but wanted to wait a few days for the swelling to come down and scheduled surgery for Thursday. Now it's 3.5 weeks later and I'm on the couch with my foot up on a laundry basket and a couple of pillows to keep it above my heart. I'm in the big black book, what the surgeon called "a cast with privileges", the privilege being that I can take it off for a bath only. I've got two plates that look like little steel ringlets, one each spanning the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal joints, held by 10 screws. Those will stay in forever. I also have two large screws across the 1st metatarsal that will come out after 6 months.

The first day or so after surgery was pretty intense and I kept up with the percocet and vicodan. What I found was that while I was told I could take 2 percocet every 4 hours, but they would wear off after 2 or 3 hours and I'd be in intense pain waiting to take the next round. So I started taking only one percocet every two hours and I found that did a much better job of managing the pain on a steadier basis. After a day I took one or two vicodan but was so tired of being in a narcotic stupor, I found after about 25 to 30 hours after the surgery the pain reduced considerably and I switched to tylenol only. After another day I didn't even need the Tylenol.

I got out of bed after a couple of days (the hospital gave a little jug/urinal which was a lifesaver for a day, though not so nice for my kind wife). After a couple of days I decided to go myself to the bathroom and put my foot down, that was an experience. Basically putting your foot down causes blood and fluid to rush into it and press against all the tender wounds from the surgery, it hurts. I was told that swelling is one of the last things to reconcile. After a couple of weeks putting my foot down started getting easier, especially in the morning. Later in the day it hurts more to put my foot down but even that pain is turning more into "pressure" than extreme pain. I found that sometimes if I put my foot down and it hurts, that if I put it up again for a couple of minutes and then try again, it doesn't hurt so much the second time.

2 weeks post-op the semi-cast/splint came off and the stitches came out (no pain there) and I was given the boot. at 6 weeks (March 19) I go for the 6 week appt. and I'll see what the doc has to say. I'm pretty confident that the pain from putting my foot down will lessen, if not day by day, then certainly week by week. 10 days ago I couldn't get up for anything except bathroom trips. Now I can get my own breakfast and lunch (I hop around the kitchen island on one foot, holding onto the island). I'll likely rent a knee roller in another couple of weeks just so I can help with the dishes and not have to lay down or crutch around all the time. They are $25/week plus shipping from the company; I'll call around to see if I can rent locally.

A couple of other notes:
-- Someone said they got a rash around the incision; I think the tape they use, the adhesive can cause rashes. I've gotten a lot of rashes from bandaids. That may not be the reason but it's a possibility.
-- It took me several showers to figure out I can back into the seat in the shower, and then after put one foot outside the shower and ease out (that's if you have a shower with a seat). I put a shower mat with suctions on the floor just outside the shower for traction.
-- I still back up long stairs on my butt, not taking any chances. Going down stairs I put both crutches under one shoulder and hold the railing with the other, then put the two crutches on the next step down and hop down to that step with my good foot. I feel better holding onto something.
-- From the sock up my calf is peeling, I'm convinced from the "snugly" part of the boot since I'm not peeling from the sock line down, so I'm getting some soccer style socks that will go up almost knee high.
-- I asked the doctor's nurse if I'll be walking OK in June (4 months post-op) and she said no problem, that I will be. I asked if I'll feel the "hardware" in my foot and she said I won't, that people don't complain about it. I'll find out.

Right now I'm just getting really sick of laying around with my foot up relying on others and not participating in anything other than TV watching, and I think everyone here feels the same way, so it's good to know I'm not alone. Thanks to everyone that's posted here. I know everyone is different but you've really got to just put your faith into the doctors and be glad we aren't living a hundred years ago without all the medical miracles like the electric drill :-)

I do have a question; I don't read much here about driving? My doctor said no driving for 9 weeks and I know I won't be able to put my foot down for a couple of more. But I'd like to make some trips very locally after another couple of weeks if I can put my foot down comfortably for a half hour or so. I called the registry of motor vehicles in NJ, and my townships police dept. and neither could cite a law that says I can't drive with my left foot. I know I'll have to practice a while to get comfortable with this but for some very local trips, a few miles at most, does anyone else have experience with left foot driving? I know there are left foot accelerators out there but not cheap and you can't rent them. By the time I get and install one of those I think I'll be driving again with my right foot so I'd rather just spend a couple of weeks left foot driving if I can manage. What are others' experiences?


I am 7 weeks out from surgery on right foot. I have driven a couple of short trips on local roads to help get kids to sport practices. I am still bumming rides to work. Make sure you have room in your car to get boot out of way of your left foot to have room to move between gas/brake.