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Female, 23 yr old

So, as you may have figured out from my title: i have had the misfortune of meeting my match with this lisfranc injury! To put it bluntly, lisfranc is a real b*tch!! I just need to vent/share my story. praying that i find someone out there that can provide me with a glimmer of hope into a somewhat NORMAL LIFE!

In February of 2011 I was walking and BAM my foot went crazy out of nowhere. It felt like almost every bone in my foot broke- i couldn't walk or put any pressure on it without feeling a grinding sensation.  I immediately went to the ER where I was told I was fine (meanwhile my bone was sticking out of place).  A few days later I saw an orthopedist and was diagnosed with the rare injury.  Mine was pretty severe- i dislocated and broke the bones in my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal joints and tore several ligaments.  I had surgery 8 days later- 2 plates and a screw were inserted to my 3 and 4th metatarsal. And a wire held the other joints steady.  6 months later and I was still in agonizing pain and had yet to walk without my boot on! So the doc went back in and removed my hardware and cleaned me out a little.  Fast forward 4 months after that.  I am still having the same pain- severe all along the inside of my arch up into my ankle and also on the top of my foot.  I am still in the boot- so now I am experiencing pain in my knees, back, ankles, and hips.  We decide to go see a new doctor- this doctor says the only way my foot will ever function again is if i get a fusion of the 3rd and 4th joints.  We allow this doc to do the surgery in March of 2012- 3 months later I am in more pain than I ever have been before! My foot is actually getting WORSE. My doctor has no answers for me (which is a trend I'm beginning to notice...)- so we seek out someone new.  Doctor #3 informs me that my fusion never took.  He believes they need to go into my foot again and refuse the joints.  Onto surgery #4- they refuse the joints and tell me this will cure all my problems in october of 2012.  (Mind you I have now been in the boot since Feb 2011).  4 months post surgery and my pain is still just as bad as its ever been.  Doctor #5 suggests an entire midfoot fusion- however he cannot perform the prodcedure so he refers us to doc #6.  In april of 2013 my foot is fused for what I believe is to be the FINAL TIME.


Now here I am 4 months later in horrific pain.  I have been in a boot for 2.5 straight years.  My quality of life has dropped immensely.  I am extremely depressed because I am unable to do all the activities that used to make my life worth living! UGH and the worst part is- NO ONE UNDERSTANDS.  Everyone I know thinks it's some joke how I'm always in the boot.  Or asks how can you really be in that much pain, are you sure you're not imagining it?! I really don't know what to do at this point.  Doctors think I'm crazy or dramatic- they always tell me the problem is fixed and I should be fine.  Yet I wake up everyday dreading the day to come.  Will I be able to walk around? How bad will my foot hurt today? I lay in bed at night remembering my life pre-lisfranc injury.  I just can't believe this is where I'm at.  The worst part is I understand there are much worse things that could happen to me.  Besides this- i'm an overall healthy person! So i feel selfish for even complaining.  Things could be much worse.  But for me, this is about as bad as it gets.  I have lost not only all my friends but my life as well.  I have no desire or motivation to do ANYTHING.  I don't even think about getting better or leading a normal life- because at this point it doesn't feel like an option.  Please someone tell me I can come back from this- anybody out there beat lisfranc?!


Please sure your stories- i need to know I'm not alone in this battle 


Thats such a shame that you have been having pain for so long and doctors dont know what to do. I would recommend that you check out a doctor that has tons of experience with this injury. Im not sure where your located but the hospital for special surgery in manhattan ny is amazing. Its where i had my fusion surgery done about 2 and a half weeks ago. Also i heard that theres a doctor named willson i believe in boston. It would be worth taking a plane to see someone that will get you pain free. Maybe the fusion never took again? not sure, but i know how it feels to be young, I'm 20, and to have to go through this. i mean of course youve been going through it for a lot longer, but still its horrible but someone has to know whats wrong. I has fusion of the 1st metatarsal and not sure how many screws but also tore 2 ligaments so two additional screws. im still non weight bearing but he said 6 weeks non weight bearing then 6 weeks partial weight bareing for me. Before my surgery i would wake up everyday dreading to even get out of bed, but after my surgery after only 2 and ahalf weeks im walking around on crutches doing everything minus driving because its my right foot. it doesnt even hurt much anymore. theres hope, you just need to find the doctor that will give you hope and prove it to you.