Gosh, Where to start. My name is Tammie and I am 41. Considering I am not a very sporty person I am quite fit. I have read so many stories, some good and some bad. I am wondering which category I will be in (good I hope) even though I am starting to think not. Feb 28th 2010 is the day I had my foot crushed and dragged by a 4 tonne plus machine at my workplace. My foot was run over and was caught and dragged before I dislodged it. The pain at the time was excruciating but I recall at the time that I could still move my toes and my ankle so I stupidly thought it was just sprained. Wow, was I wrong. It has just gone down-hill from that day on. In the Emergency Department I had an X-ray. They told me I had 2 possibly three breaks but they wanted to do a cat-scan to be sure. After that they came and told me that I had what they call a Lisfranc fracture. There would be no weight baring for at least 3 months. Yeah whatever….just cast me up and let me out and I will be back in 6 to 8 weeks to remove plaster…easy as that. Boy was I wrong. Next thing I know I had Ortho Surgeons coming to see me and telling me how I really needed an operation. They explained to me that if I didn’t I would have a collapsed arch and within weeks I would have really bad arthritis. So much for a bad sprain. Ok. So then they wanted me to stay in Hospital for 2 weeks with my foot elevated until the swelling went down. I DON”T THINK SO. No way. I said I could stay at home and elevate my leg just as good as I could in Hospital. So I went home. 11 days later I was scheduled for my Op. Disappointingly I did not have the Op as when they took the cast of it was still very swollen and I had a blood blister that almost covered the top of my foot that was full of fluid. GROSS. So from there they admitted me into hospital and re-scheduled my op for 4 days later. The swelling went down and the blister almost dried up enough for surgery. They fixed a metal plate with screws. I was hospitalized for 2 days after Op. 2 weeks after Op was my first Dr’s appointment. I might add that at this point I had weird sensations in my foot. Prior to my Op the pain was almost non existing, with maybe a panadol before bed. Since the Op I have had nothing but pain …not nail biting but weird sensations…tingling,stinging,numb and a really full leg numbing sensation when I layed on the left side of my leg. Need I say I have been eating pain-killers like mints since the Op. The Dr took the cast off and put me in a boot which does up with Velcro straps. Much lighter. He was also a little concerned that where the blister was it had left a small hole. It had not quite healed. Wanted to keep an eye on it in case it became ulcerated or infected. He also said I can sleep with-out the boot on. Funny, even though I have been hanging to get it off I can’t bring myself to sleep with-out it as I am so scared that I might kick it through the night. So re-scheduled for another Dr’s visit a week later. I live almost 1 hour from the Hospital, so getting there every week was becoming a pain in the butt. I was also told another week in bed elevating my foot. b****r. So then this visit a week later I met with a different Dr, and he was so much better. He actually took the time to explain to me what my actual problem is. He told me the Name (Lisfranc) and where the name originated from and what happened back in the 1700’s where they would just amputate your foot. Wow!! So glad I live in the year 2010. He also said that my foot was coming along really well which made me feel much better as I thought it was not getting any better. I will feel pain for a long time yet and I am also no weight baring for 3 months. He then said that just prior to weight baring stage I would have to have another Op to have my screws and plate removed. He said this has to be done as when you start weight baring you need to flex your foot and if these are still in there is a good chance that they may cause more damage than good and put me back to square one. So, that was another big shock. No one prior to this Dr had mentioned removal of the screws and plate. So, the date today is April 10th 2010. It will be 6 weeks tomorrow. It seems like 6 months. People have mentioned feeling depressed. I know where they are coming from. It is a very long time to be unable to move around on 2 feet. The things we take for granted. From my bed I can see the rest of the family trying to function. My poor husband had to work sometimes 10 hours a day and then come home an do all the house chores, not to mention look after our 16 year old son who is motor-cross mad and races almost every week-end and our 12 year old son who is a blessing from above who will do almost anything for me but still my hubby has to find time to take him to his footy and BMX training. And now he has an Invalid to take care of. Well I can only hope the time goes faster even though I will get older. I hate pain. Roughly how long does the pain last…really?