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I was recently diagnosed with depression. I had a breakdown a major one on Christmas day 2018 in front of my boyfriend. He was very shocked and had never experienced such an event. He  brought up the episode as he called it in a fight last Sat night and got very abusive with me saying I should apologize for my breakdown on Christmas day. He really has no understanding of mental health issues from the way he speaks to me to the disrespectful language he uses by calling me a psycho. He has apologized for his behavior but I am terrified that f I had another breakdown he would walk out. 


Hi Guest

You would probably much better off without him.
He has no understanding of your illness and the fact that he holds your breakdown against you just proves he is an id**t that you should be glad to get rid of.

Worrying that he would walkout if you have another episode and with how he treats you because you suffer from depression just proves you deserve much better than him.
Something worth considering is the way treats you part of the problem.