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I have had an xray and have been told the part of my back that curves in my lower back is going thin and wearing away, I have a lot of pain and stiffness, please advise how serious this is and what are the best exercies to do for it ? can I do AEROBICS ?

I look forward to your reply



I think you should ask whoever diagnosed you what is the best excercise to do, you dont want the wrong advice from a non expert on this site,

maybe a nice gently yoga excercise, cat stretches on an excercise ball


I used to suffer from severe lower back pain after an injury playing soccer in uni and then relapsing after a few years while over exerting during sports again. I was bed ridden after the first injury for several days and could not play any active sports for about a year. Being naive during those years, I shirked it off without even seeing a doctor as jsut another muscle strain that will heal with time. However after the second relapse about 5 years later in australia, I went to a GP and was sent through several XRays and even CT scans after the pain persisted over a couple of years with nothing unusual diagnosed except a congenital fusing of the last disk to the hip and a slightly overly pronounced curvature of my spine. I went through accupuncture and chiro and phsio but none got me any substantial relief. At work I had to, every couple of hours, lie on the floor and do my stretches to prevent my back muscles going into too much spasm, to manage the pain.

Then one day after going to a neuro specialist on an unrelated problem, I was recommended to have an MRI for my lower back and he spotted 2 prolapsed disk after almost a decade since the first injury ! Anyway I then realized what the real problem for my severe back ache was. I increased my phsio excercises and accupuncture and chiro but again with no real relief.

I live in an apt which has a pool and I took up swimming almost 3 times a week ,as I felt that was lesser impact excercise for my back, than running. And because my free style kick was attrocious I decided to build my kicking muscles by doing 100 bicycle kicks in a forward L position in the spa every time, which also allowed the hot water jet to massage my lower back,at the same time. Then after a little over a year I realized that my back pain was literally almost gone ! It has been about 3 years of doing that and I do about 250 kicks now , and the lower back pain is almost all gone. It was only when I saw the 6pack on my guts :-) that I realized that this innocuous looking, very mild and quick excercise in the comforts of a spa was actually building the all important muscles at my stomach and the back, and hence was relieving the strain on my spine.

So I want to reveal this discovery of mine but stres very strongly that the intensity of the excercises must be built up very cautiously and gradually without exceeded your current strength level. Also important is the need for patience and atleast a year's dedication of regular,about 3-4 times a week, but only 5 mins' excercise. So it suits those that have a spa at home. My swimming too could be contributing to the lower back strengthening and spasm reducing but that too I hardly do more than 5 laps of a 20 m pool ! So the stress is not on high intensity but on the contrary. One has to push away any premature expectations of the miracle before 1 year of dedicated regular excercise. But really, how many would complain of being recommeded to go to the spa 5 mins, 3 times a week. Just kick your legs instead of only just lazing in it.

I am now struggling with another nerve pinch around the back of my left shoulder blades and neck that was progressively getting worse. It was initially a pins and needles numbing for several years whenever I sat on my computer desk, to recently becoming into sharp pinching pain. I have just found a wooden broom handle and have been using that to do shoulder and back twists and after a couple of months, the pain has been arrested. Hopefully after a year this excercise too will strengthen and stretch the appropriate muscles to heal this upper spinal nerve problem.

The mesage in all this is that you dont have to pay expensive bills to the physio or resort to momentary and psychological relief of accupuncture and chiro. Just use common sense and a long term dedication to do a very low intensity excercise that will strenghthen the muscles involved.

Please pass this info/link around as this discovery has dramatically changed my life.