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I started off having sever lower back pain (more to the right side) for the last few weeks, and just recently it is now my right hip and into the right side of my lower stomach and I am also getting sick throughout the day. The pain is unreal, and at some points I can barely move. My doctor told me it was probably just my muscles, but NOTHING is helping it. Ive tried everything. I do have an IUD in, think this could be causing it? I really need some helpp.


Hi kmiichelle,

I don't know if it is the IUD but something is not right. Pain that prevents you from moving needs to be evaluated.

Please see your doctor for an exam. Don't take "probably just" for an answer. In most cases any abdominal pain with an IUD is cause for removal.

Without an exam I'm only speculating but appendicitis is also a concern by your description.

Keep us posted.