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I get these pains in the lower part of my scull every hour it seems and then progressively start getting a stabbing pain in my lower left back area in a specific spot above my hip and the upper muscle in my left leg. It’s now started to affect nearly all the muscles in my upper back but goes away after a few minutes. The pain is throbbing pain and gets worse before it goes away. I have no nausea or eating problems and happen especially at night when I am sleeping and at the end of a long day. I had an Arnold chiairi decompression a year ago. The result is my muscles are stiff as hell and the pain can be excruciating, any advice


Hi there,

The pain that you are experiencing in the lower back might be caused by the kidney malfunction. The kidney might be affected by some sort of infection or maybe you could have kidney stones. I don’t know could this be affected by the muscles but the pain from kidney stones can be very sharp and strong. Sometimes can be hard to find the right position how to lay or sit. My suggestion would be to test your urine and see if you have stones in your kidneys. Also have you tried to take some pain killers for the pain? There is a chance that your kidneys might be failing. This is too serious to ignore it. Good luck.