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i am 17 years old and i am lightly fat ,the pushups can effect the height?


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No form of excercise ''stunt'' growth, so to speak. However, there is a problem with the excercises you have mentioned. Think about what you do when you do push ups and sit ups. In the former, you push your body up, that is, you essentially PUSH against a resistance. If you keep doing push ups ONLY, without working you back muscles, eventually the upper front part of your body becomes stronger than your back muscles, leading to what is known as Thoracic Kyphosis, i.e. your weak back muscles are unable to stabilise your strong mirror muscles, and your shoulders get pulled forward, leading to the dreaded, rounded shoulder look. The deal with sit ups is kind of same. They strengthen your abdominal muscles, while your lower back remains weak, leading to lumbar kyphosis.  All this MIGHT give you a stunted ''look'', but they don't really stunt your growth. I am taking nothing away from these excercises, ut if you are keen on doing these, be sure to add some chin ups, maybe even deadlifts, to keep your back strong and balance things out.