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A month and a half ago i was hit in the side of the head, i didn't lose conciousness and was fine until two days after the incident. On the second day I was smoking cannabis and i felt a sharp cracking pain inside my brain, got a headache and went to sleep. A few days after, I smoked again except this time it intantly felt like blood was spilling in my head(like an artery inside was ruptured), my ear was numb and i got a migraine. Another week after i was having a few beers and once again took just one drag, felt the onset of a headache but managed to get to sleep before i had to deal with it; woke up vomiting out my insides whilst only having consumed a few beers and food(was a BBQ but no one got food poisoning).

After that I stuffed the weed but headaches persisted for two weeks, paracetamol sorted them out and they were a lot less severe. Its been about 2 weeks since the headaches have stopped but now and then i will get a little sharp pain on the left side of my head for about 5 seconds(once or twice a day max). I havent smoked since and have been to A&E/GP who all said its just post traumatic headaches and refused to agree that CT was necessary. My question is what are the chances it was a hematoma or aneurysm. If it was an aneurysm would the headache symptoms be persistent/would i definatly know it?

Thank You.


hey man idk if you'll answer this but the same exact thing happened too me it sucks.  im 17 and i kinda messed my head up during football pactice one day but i was fine till too days later when i smoked weed with some of my friends, i got that sharp pain on the left side of my head (kinda near my temple) and i started to have hadaches after that constantly during the day. i tried again to smoke but whe i did i got a sharp pain again and it freaked me out so i went to the ER and got a cat scan. it came back negative for any anyerisms or hematomas and they said my brain looked perfectly fine. i also tried to drink one night and i started too get the pain again but i made sure i went too bed before it got really bad, i was fine the next day because i only had like 3 beers. But its been like 2 weeks now and my headaches during the day are gone but i still get sharp shooting pain on the left side of my head when i run, get up too fast, or if i jump. so iwas wondering if you could reply back and tell me if you still have these pains now? or if you have no syympotms at all and how long it took for them too go away ,or how long did it take till you could smoke or drink again?  thanks