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Like i said. There is a lump behind my left ear. I am currently in 7th grade. and have had it since the middle of 6th grade. It is medium sized. and like i said behind my left ear, like at the end of the jaw-ish. It doesn't hurt, but it is a little hard. What could this be exactly?


Hello there,


Since you are so young and you have just started to develop maybe it is absolutely nothing. Usually lumps behind ear are enlarged lymph nodes and there is no special treatment for them, because they usually show us that our body is fighting some sort of infection.


Are you sure that your lump is constantly there? I remember that I had one almost every month when I was starting the puberty but it was disappearing from time to time and then showing up again. They say if it doesn’t hurt don’t touch it so maybe it is best to leave it alone but just in case tell your parents about this and let them to take a look. They probably know how swollen lymph node looks like.