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hello i have a small lump that has been beside my labia. i was worried because it doesnt hurt and it feels like a ball. i went to my doctors
. my doctor felt the lump and she asked me if i shave regularly . well i found out that the lump can be from shaving it reacts in some way which buils a lump? my friends doctor said the same thing. but get it checked out by your doctor.:-D


Hi there,

The thing is that this can be a reaction to the razor burn from shaving. Ingrown hair is not that rare and if the hair is too deep under the skin it can cause a formation of the lump. And if there is a lump caused by ingrown hair there is an infection. Lymph nodes can also get enlarged if there is an infection in the body. This could be a enlarged lymph node also.

The best thing is to get rid of the infection in the body and without any infection your lymph nodes won’t be enlarged, and they will get back to normal size.

Do you use any antibacterial creams or some other cream after the shave?