Ok, so my boyfriend and I had sex twice one day, the next day I got an emergency contraceptive pill, but didn't take it until after we had sex again. The next two days we had unprotected sex, but I cleaned myself out right after. Thinking that I would be fine. How long does the contraception pill work when you take it? If sperm is alive for two days after shouldn't it work for a couple days? This is all in the last week, it started on the fourth and now its the eighth. Four days and I feel pregnant. I have two kids with my ex husband and I've thought I've been pregnant a lot of times before and I didn't end up being pregnant. How likely in that time frame is it that I could be pregnant, and is there any little tests I could do on myself that would tell me? I'm totally freaked out right now. My family will kill me if I'm pregnant AGAIN before marriage. So I think all this could just be emotions that are coming from all these fears. My moods have been completely wacko the last two days. They aren't even this bad on my period. My last period started the 22 of february so I should be around my ovulation date I think. My whole family is extremely fertile so it's even more stressful. I know most pregnancy tests won't work until about two weeks after, but I'm so worried and my mind is working a thousand miles a minute on what I would need, or do, especially cause we're not married. I'm freaked out that he will feel trapped with me. My ex totally scarred me in this way. Sometimes he still talks like it's my fault I got pregnant and I roped him into getting me pregnant again. All this stuff that I tied him down and screwed him over. I don't want a man to talk to me like that again. I'm just so scared, and abortion is just not an option for me. It's not even a question. Help?