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The newest researches stated that teenagers who use the media with high sexual content are more likely to have sex by the time they are 16, than those kids who use the media lesser. On the other hand, kids between 12 and 14 that are exposed to such media, have increased the sexual activity among them.

The researches have been done among both white and black teenagers in North Carolina, Orange and Granville counties. 1,017 adolescents between 12 and 14 years were surveyed twice in 2 years about their use of 4 different kinds of media and their sexual behavior.
White teens that weren’t exposed to media with sexual contents as well as the ones that was less sexually active were as much as likely to have the sexual intercourse 2 years later. The relationship was not as strong as for the whites.

“Unfortunately, the media aren’t the best sex educators. The media tend to leave out the crucial three C’s: commitment, contraception and consequences.”
This is believed the first study of the relationship of four different kinds of media (music, movies, magazines and television) to adolescents’ sexual behavior.

It is believed that one of the strongest protective factors against early sexual behavior is clear parental communication about sex.
The media, school, parents and pediatricians need to provide more accurate sexual information to teens otherwise the media will continue to serve as a kind of sexual super peer that doesn’t have the best interests of young people in mind.


I have a big fear of my teen daughter-13 getting pregnant early. i dont want to raise kids all my life. there are too many g-parents raising g-kids these days. So, when i went into laber with her brother-(3yrs old now), i made her go into the delivery room with me. I made sure she seen the whole birth from beginning to end. The delivery wasnt complicated, just painful, no pain med. I wanted her to get as close to the real experience as she could without actually going through it herself.To this day, she tells me she does not want kids. I know itll change when she gets older, but for now, im not quite as worried. I also talk to her about sex. i just wanted to her to see first hand what happens when you are sexually active too early.