Emphasizes scientific studies that sex between couples regularly carry significant benefits for the couple, and study the practice of marital life of the University "Queens" in Belfast that there is a close relationship between the frequent practice of love in men, low mortality rate of the same age group examined by the study.

The study showed that the mortality rate in men who stopped having sex because of the death of a spouse or divorce or any other reason, is very high compared with their peers who have sex lives as usual. In illustrative figures reported study that after ten years of marriage shows that having sex twice a week are at least in death, the middle of practice and be once a week so increase the death rate, including 1.6% for men with sexual activity high, the third group to understand the group least in sexual activity of any men who have their relationship with their wives less than 12 times a year more than the death rate, including 50% for owners of high activity. But what are the reasons why some couples to exercise less intimacy? Icon expert human relations Professor John Gray: The couples today practicing intimacy much lower rate than say the media, yes this is certain, there are plenty of men and women who feel like severe before marriage in the practice of intimacy, but once married and spends married for several years, until other things are more important than this, and soon ignore exercise intimacy altogether.

Understanding between the parties:The main reason for the lack of attention this is that the man feels rejected and that women do not feel romantic or understand her feelings and desires by man, that women should not feel romantic or understand her feelings and desires by the man, the woman does not realize instinctively how sensitive man when they are not in the mood suitable for the practice of intimacy, and men do not realize instinctively over the need for women to romance and paper feelings and good communication even bloom feelings and feel in the mood appropriate for the exercise of love. Explains Dr.. Gray: In order to not feel the man refused, husbands should be create some kind of positive communication free on the exercise of intimacy, particularly on the initiative and the desire to exercise, and when it receives the man that reference duplicate that his partner loves practice intimacy, the desires sensory remain strong and healthy. When women feel that the man skilled in the practice of intimacy, and it backed in their relationship, the desires sensual remain active, and suggests Gray that good communication and support thin in the love relationship are the most important things for women, but for men, remain the relationship good significance,but what makes the difference often is successful make a successful intimate relationship shadows of understanding the wishes of each other.

Healthy relationship: When stop couples from exercising intimacy several times a week, instead of assuming that they are no longer interested in the matter, they have to realize that something suppress that desire to have, and an important part of any marital relationship healthy is intimacy regularly, twice or three times a week, If I said that percentage, it means that the parties could benefit much from visiting the centers treat marital problems, or watching romantic movies, or read books that discuss the marital relationship.D advised. Gray couples: If you want a healthy body svelte after the age of forty, then you need to exercise, and quite similarly, if you want to maintain the advanced emotion inside you, you have to maintain the passion burning inside you, you have to maintain a regular exercise intimacy. The women do not realize how important that intimacy for men, if the man did not exercise regularly this relationship, it begins gradually losing interest and vitality, and fortunately, can awaken those feelings again by appropriate treatment.