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So basically I'm a mathematics major and all my life dong math has given me the greatest high. It's this feeling of Extreme awareness. Its like my whole life I've been half alive but when I do math it like I'm truly alive. So it's no wonder I choose mathematics as a major. But one day it just stopped. I feel nothing. My life sucks now. Doing math made me interesting and a great conversationalist. Now I'm just merely living. It's noticeable too. My girlfriend broke up with me and I dont blame her. Please help me understand this and maybe how I can get this back. Thanks, Christopher.


Well, you've experienced the same thing that artists and sports stars have....... The high one gets from loving something and being good at it.  But Christopher EVERYONE hits a slump now and then.  Our psyche goes through highs and lows.  Get beyond the idea that your love of math will never return, AND give your whole life a good evaluation.  It sounds like you're in a depression..... your girlfriend broke up with you and you say you don't blame her.  STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF!!  Try relaxing and make sure you're getting enough sleep.  Time to continue with math (it is your major) BUT take time to smell the roses, and explore some other interests you may have.  Try for a more well rounded life, with more than one interest, more than one thing that brings you joy.

If you find yourself spiraling down into a deeper depression THEN SEE SOMEONE.  Chances are this slump will go away when you start feeling better about life in general....... and yourself.  You are so tied to math that when you hit this slump you see your life as done...... over.  That's no way to live.  Many scientist make one brilliant discovery and spend the rest of their lives chasing another one (like Einstein etc.).  You need to RELAX and involve yourself in other passions....... and if you have none then START LOOKING.  The sooner you see the world as the once happy fulfilling place it used to be, the sooner your love for math will return.

And stop living as "Johnny One Note," life is wonderful, filled from minute to minute with miracles.  Math is only one of them.  For god's sake open your eyes and see some of the others.  The sooner you find other rewarding interests, the sooner this math slump will end.  You are young and have so many adventures ahead of you....... start being more adventurous.  A good beginning would be to GET SOCIAL and start seeing your friends more and going on dates.  The best way to get over an old girlfriend is by finding a new one.  HEY!!!  DON'T KNOCK IT TILL YOU'RE GIVEN IT A SHOT!!!  Never forget the miracle of SEX or holding hands and walking on a sunny day.  Kiddo, the world is your oyster.