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hi my name is shelly. i was wondering if any one can give me advice on how to loose weight Safely. im having trouble loosing it and it seems every couple moths it goes up. the doc says that i dont have a thiroid problem. so i need a recipe on how to get healthy. i dont want to be skinny skinny. i want to go from a size 20 to a 12 i know its not going to happen over night but at this time in my life with the support of my boyfriend family and friends i am ready to loose the extra love handles. thanks for taking the time to listen :-D :-D


Hi Shelly,

With regard to your headline - no starving yourself isn't in any way healthy. Basically what happens is your body adjusts your metabolism and slows it down significantly which actually slows down weight loss substaintially. Crash diets are not long term outlooks, try and aim for something that you can see yourself adjusting to in the long term, allow yourself to have the odd treat. You can have everything you fancy, just in moderation.

The best way to go about losing weight is to adjust your diet and the foods you consume. It's important to get a balance between vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein etc to ensure you remain as healthy as possible. If you are used to eating foods with high sugar or fat content at the moment you may experience an energy slump but thats only temporary - it's like very very very mild withdrawal. However after this your body will start to adjust and you shouldn't have nearly as many of the cravings you might other wise have experienced.

Try and eat 5-6 small meals a day - the continuous influx of food keeps your metabolism at a contant higher rate, and try to avoid eating after 8pm, while you're sleeping your digestive system slows down to around 9% of it's fully functioning rate and therefore doesn't burn the calories off nearly as effectively. Fruit and high fibre foods, whole grain help your gut and energy levels. If you're feeling sleepy eat a banana - they are very good at bumping up your energy levels, these also last longer and therefore you will stay fuller for longer.

DONT BAN FOOD - psychologically speaking this isn't a good way of going about things - studies have shown that the foods we consider off limits are much more appealing and thus we are much more likely to binge and break the new diet cycle. It will take a while before you can psychologically adjust to the new diet so the first few weeks are often the hardest. Other methods which aid dieting are visualisation. If your temped to binge visualise the fat and cholesterol clogging up your veins, it helps me if i focus on the negatives of 'bad' foods.

Drink lots of water - if you 'think' you are hungry it may well be that in fact you are simply thirsty - drink a pint of water if you are still hungry afterwards then eat. You will eventually be able to differentiate between thrist and hunger but often when people over eat they think being thirsty is hunger and thus are lead into thinking that they are one and the same.

All in all, try and avoid processed foods in favour of fresh food, try fish and poultry instead of red meats, salads, humous, cous cous, are all wonderfully tasty foods. Experiment with what your really like and concentrate on what your eating. When you do feel the need to binge, sit down and ask yourself whats bothering you. It may be that your need to eat is covering anxiety or boredom.

Go for walks, the gym, even reading, indulge in activities you enjoy that keep you busy and with friends. It's fantastic you've got the support you have and i hope everything goes fabulously for you!