Okay, so it wasn’t great. I had my medical abortion with Marie Stopes clinic who I didn’t really find too friendly or helpful at all. They just wanted it to be over with so that they can get the next patient in and come closer to home time. I took two tablets to start with, and I had to put 4 oral tablets into my vagina, my boyfriend then picked me up and I went home. I had some dinner and started watching some TV and all was fine, until 4 hours exactly in. Suddenly at 4 hours I started to get a little bit of period pain (nothing serious it was all still okay) and then it got a bit stronger but I was still fine. Then suddenly things got 100x worse and the pain became very intense very quick and the bleeding started. Luckily we had bought a hot water bottol and several period pads for this day. I started to feeling quite sick even with an anti-sickness due to having a very bad fear of being sick and hadn’t been sick in 15 years! I went to the toilet and was gagging to be sick, which panicked me a lot! I have an en suite in my bedroom where I went upstairs with my boyfriend and I threw up several times and had severe upset tummy. Not the best or most pleasant look. The pain was so intense it was contractions, I sat on my bathroom floor pale as anything telling my boyfriend I want to die where the pain was so severe. He was there through the whole thing and couldn’t of been more supportive! He gave me two nurofen meltlet tablets to try and stop the pain and the sickness which luckily worked, and then it was finished. I will never do it again it was the most traumatic situation of my life and I bled for 3 months afterwards heavily