My wife is having spontaneous episodes of upper abdominal pain and she will get really nauseous from it. She never vomits but after having this pain she needs to go to the bathroom. Usually it is diarrhea and she feels better after she goes to the bathroom. It happens any time during the day but more often after she eats. There is no blood in the stool and the stool is a light green color. (sorry for the graphic) She is afraid to eat and has lost a lot of weight. In the last year she has been under a good bit of stress and in October of 2009 after a stressful situation this all started again. I say again because she had the same symptoms about 9-10 years ago and then they went away. She has always had stomach problems all her life, but these two episodes in her life have been the most intense. Six months prior to October she began having episodes of diarrhea. It would only occur when she was under stress. She has always had anxiety, usually associated with going on a trip and driving in a car, or being in public. She now has lot of anxiety lately and is having panic attacks. I'm not sure if it is the anxiety and panic that is causing the stomach problems or the other way around. She really has not left the house in about 6 months due to the panic attacks and worry that she will get real sick while out. The upper abdominal sickness/pain will come on suddenly and she will need to go home and lay down. Anyone else have similar symptoms? Any suggestions?