Hello.. On March 25th, I discovered I was pregnant (my menstrual cycle has always been regular, so I just had this feeling that something is not right so I checked with the pregnancy kit right away, and shocked to discover that my suspicion was correct.) My husband and I are currently very busy with a lot of work, with my husband being promoted to a more steady job (but also more physically and emotionally demanding) and me being offered a new promising position at this new company. We have always thought of having children, but when we discovered that I was pregnant, we were both shocked. Happy, but also confused. At one hand, we wanted to keep this pregnancy, but I personally do not want to have a child this soon, especially with me and my husband being too busy at this time. My parents had me during their busiest age, so most of the time I was left alone with my relatives and this affected me emotionally. I don’t want to be like them to my children, so after careful considerations, my husband and I agreed to terminate my pregnancy while its still early on. 

Now another obstacle was, we couldn’t find a decent healthcare place that offers pregnancy termination and the country we currently live in (we work in a foreign country) is strictly a no abortion country. However, upon researching here and there, we finally found an online site that helps with abortion. We were skeptical at first, but we thought why not give it a try. So we consulted with the owner of the online site, and apparently she said she is a midwife(though im not sure if she is, but from the way she talks, she sure knows lots of medical things.) After a couple hours disccussion with the midwife, we agreed on having a home abortion (that’s what she call it) with her online adsistance with one condition: the midwife wants me to use contraception after this abortion so an unwanted pregnancy wouldnt happen again. We said ok. 

So she sent us a couple of drugs to be consumed for the abortion process, 4 tablets of cytotec and a couple of antibiotics called Amoxicilin. She told me to put those 4 tablets and after 10 minutes of doing so, I had to drink the antibiotic to prevent infection. So i did. 

A couple hours later, i started to feel cramps which started a little bit painful but later became more and more painful and the cramps came in waves. Suddenly I felt a gush of liquid came out of me and I immediately went to the toilet. Blood started to came out but the pain still persists. I popped in ibuprofen and went to sleep because the pain was unbereable, it gave me chills and I was drenched in sweats. I have always had bad cramps every menstrual period but this pain was just way too unbearable, I passed out. 

The next morning, the bleeding had slowed down and eventually stopped. I freaked out because I thought I was supposed to be passing clots like what the midwife told me but no clots and so I thought the medication failed. However the next day, a gush of fresh blood came out and I soaked 2 full pads within 1-2 hours and it just won’t stop. I bled so much I began to be very paranoid but the midwife said its okay and it should subside in a couple of weeks. 4 weeks after I had taken the medicine, I stopped bleeding. During those 4 weeks, I didnt stop bleeding at all but everyday the bleeding would lessen and lessen like a normal period. 

The midwife then told me to check on another pregnancy kit but it still shows positive. I am now very concerned, does this mean I am still pregnant and the medication has failed?