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I am pregnant 7 weeks along,
After talking with my other half we have decided that this is not a good time to proceed with the pregnancy.
problem I cannot get surgical abortion until 9th week, and medical abortion doesn't sound like it's for me.
However my morning sickness, pregnancy symptoms are INTENSE, I have been home sick since my 5th week, I cannot stand without becoming light headed, I have been violently vomiting for the past three days. My doctor and other health care practitioners will not give me advice because I 'could change my mind and the baby could have health issues'
I have been sucking on gravel all day along with a tag team of Tylenol and Advil.
I cannot stand ginger or basically anything that is not fruit at this point.
I want to get back to work, I want to be able to stand.
I don't care if the solution damages the fetus because I cannot keep it.


Hi Emily: Is the reason why you can't have a surgical for another 2 weeks, because of booking and full appointments? Why doesn't a medical abortion fit with you? If the surgical approach is becasue of delays then I would suggest getting the medical right away.

There are many pills you can take for nausea, BUT what you have to think of is this IF you are still intent on having a surgical and have to wait 2 weeks, and you take something that will kill the fetus. That dead fetus could contaminate you VERY quickly, a dear friend of mines fetus died at 7 weeks, and made her SO ill she almost died! They had to give her a DNC to save her life. I don't want to scare you, but that could be one of the reasons why the health practiioners are afraid to give you anything. I think they could even be held accountable IF something was to happen to the baby and you decided to keep it.

IF you are insisting on end the pregnancy, the only option you have is to hav the medical abortion ASAP! Other than a perscription, you have tried everything else to help with the nausea. Good luck!


That was exactly like me when i was pregnant, i found out when i was 4 weeks and i think it must have been 3-4 fays after that that i started getting really bad all day sickness to the point i couldnt let anything pass my mouth, i went to my doctors and she gave me my options and i opted for an abortion, which at the time i thought would have been the best thing for me, so anyways long story short i lost 1 1/2 stone throught sickness alone and fainted god knows how many times so went through with the abortion when i was 9 weeks as i opted for surgical abortion so i was alseep, woke up and for the next week had slight bleeding, but after that it was a nightmare, i was bleeding that bad i had became anemic and was in and out of hospital on drips as the thought of eating made me sick and dizzy, passed clots bigger than my hands and was in a worse state than what i was when i was pregnant, now todya (5th June) is my expected due date and i hate myself, if i where u i would just remember that after the first trimester it ususally gets better so think hard about what u want, but many people r diffirent, it just depends. anyways good luck with whatever u decide and keep us posted. xxx


The symptoms that I am having are the exact same as my mother, 9 months of bed rest for all four of her children, I commend her for that!
After the last two weeks I want to doubt that I want kids.

I never thought about a fetus death and becoming septic, thank you for warning me. A medical abortion scares me just a little too much, too many drugs involved and I have a history of random medication allergies.
I'm not sure as to why the clinic will only do surgical Ab, after 9 weeks.

And the two big reasons as to why we are not procceeding with the term of the baby is that I have been drinking heavily the last few weeks (just a bunch of old school friends coming home from college-partying hard :$ ) and we are not in the finacial situation to keep a child. Its not right for us at this point.

I will continue to use the usual suggestions for morning sickness until this is over.
thank you very much


Severe morning sickness is HORRIBLE, when I was pregnant with my 1st child I had to have emergency surgery, I was in a room with a young woman who was pregnant for the 2nd time and she couldn't even swallow her own saliva without vomiting!!!!! o.O :-( She had to be hooked up to an IV every week, because she was so dehydrated. I was in AWE of her determination to be a mother. It was so hard on her, she would vomit up to 70 times a day!!!! It was so hard, that is why there are Thalyidimide Babys in the 60's due to morning sickness pills going wrong. And then after that, there was another drug that was supposed to be safe, but it was found out 15/20 years later that if the woman taking it had a girl, that girl was 70% likely to have miscarriages. A good friend of mine was one of them, she had 5 miscarriages before having a ababy!!!

I don't questions people on why or IF they should have an abortion, I just want them not to make a rash decision, because I have counselled several girls who are filled with guilt and regret. It's a hard call for any one.

Also know this, even though your mom was sick each time, it doesn't mean that is your case. Each pregnancy is different as is each baby. I had VERY little sickness with my 1st and he weighed 9.1lbs!!!! My 2nd I started throwing up the second I got pregnant, and he weighed 9.5 1/2LBS o.O o.O o.O :O So just because you are sick now, doesn't mean you will be again. It could also have to do with you not knowing - such as the drinking, and all of that has a negative affect on your body. It's a shame that science can't catch up to finding out exactly when we are pregnant. I suppose it will come soon.

As far as the 9 weeks go, when a fetus is below 9 weeks it is very negligable in size. Then all of a suden it grows and grows, and then there are complications. So it is more easier done with drugs. I hope everything goes OK for you. Good luck hon!!! Also - just thought of something - on your inside of your wrist there is a pressure point for controlling nausea. You can get magnetic strips to put on your ears and also on your wrists, I have had friends that have sweared by these. I think you can get this from any health food stores.


My first child layla she was 10lbs i was sooo sick with her for about 6 months couldn't even make it out of bed but i pulled through and i gave birth to a HUGE beautiful baby with a head full of red hair !!

Now i'm 6 weeks with my sec child and i'm just as sick today i puked about 20 times and i haven't been able to eat for 8 days only a little bit of crackers and ginger ale :( i have been to the hospital twice in the past week was treated like i was a drug addict because they had no idea what was wrong with me till they tested my blood and found out i was clean and not full of ***edited by moderator*** ** inappropriate posting** then they just hooked me up to ivs and gave me some meds to feel better then sent me on my way home .. i asked why do i get so sick being pregnant they told me OH IT'S JUST YOU NOT THE BABY!! WTF DOES THAT MEAN ??? SO AM I BROKEN DOC?? I'm a strong woman so i'm going to fight through this as long as god will let me.. i'm sure everything will be ok .

But after this the tubes are tied !!!! ............. and for you who get REALLY sick like me there is a huge chance it will happen again !!

If you think you can't do this i don't blame you for not wanting to go through with it ... But it will be over before you know it and you will have a beautiful baby <3


Hi Emily. Did you know you didn't want to keep the baby straight away? It doesn't sound all so convincing to me so I think thats why maybe the doctors may fear you will change your mind?

I could be wrong, but your choice of words 'I cannot keep it' rather than 'I don't want to keep it', you know what I mean?

If you don't want to keep the baby - why can't you get in untill your 9th week? Due to bookings? Hmm... it wasn't much of a problem for me I was fitted in the following week, but it was one of my gripes - If you know what you want to do, it shouldnt take (in your case) 4 weeks :-( . Definatly not right, and I would keep calling the clinic. They sometimes have cancellations. & calmly explain how unbearable your pain is, they might be able to do something hun.

On the other hand, is it purely the sickness putting you off keeping it? If so, im not really too sure what's avaliable, but im almost 100% sure their are thousands of women who go through a terrible pregnancy & childbirth, but there IS drugs avaliable to help you.

My advice: Be sure, once youve decided 100%, phone either department and explain your situation untill you get somewhere.

Good luck with whatever you do x