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Hi, I had a medical abortion about 2 weeks ago. While I've had fairly consistent cramping and spotting and stuff, today I just passed a clot similar in size to when I had first taken the second set of pills, and the cramping is fairly intense right now. It's sort of a dull pain, though (I have a really high pain tolerance), and I'm not running a fever or feel fatigued or anything like that. I haven't engaged in sex in a week (me and my boyfriend stupidly tried to a week after the abortion, but it hurt so we quit). I really don't want to go back to the clinic because I live in a very conservative state and the protesters are kind of too much for me. Anyone out there have any advice? Is this normal? When should I be concerned if the bleeding/cramping hasn't stopped? I just want to go back to normal.



I had a abortion about 6 weeks ago and i bled for about 2 weeks after that it slowly stop. But i don't know about the pain, i only had pain the day i took the second pill and then after that i had very little cramping pains to medium pains. it never got to the point where it was too intense the day after i took the second pill. But you can bled up to 4 weeks after an abortion i was told but my doctor