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hell, i am a 57 year old black female who is having a rough time with menapuse. please help. i take a shower morning and night. but the tiime i get to work i am having hot flashes - my underwear is wet and underarms are extremely dry. i even have dry mouth. i carry extra underwears to work - along with deodorant and mouth wash. i went to the doctors and they told me it was menapause. there is a smelly discharge that comes from my vigina area and i just don't know what to do or where to go. i wish there was a support group . i need help bad.



Vaginal dryness and changes can sometimes cause a funny smell, as can the increase in sweat production.

Have you considered a dose of hormone replacement therapy? You could take it for a short time, just to get past the roughest parts of menopause.
Some doctors also treat women with low doses of anti depressants, which also seems to help with hot flashes, sweating, and general feelings of "BLAH"..... I wanted to mention anti depressants just in case maybe hormone replacement therapy is not somehting you want to do. Some women find relief with supplements for menopause, like the one you see at wal mart "Remifemin" is one "Premphase" is another I believe. I don't typically advocate herbal usages since they can be ineffective, but women do seemt o get relief with these.